Paraffin candle or soy candle?

Paraffin candle or soy candle?

Paraffin candle or soy candle?

A scented candle is a perfect and original addition to any home interior. A practical addition to spending time together with your family and your beloved pet.

A house filled with a unique fragrance becomes cozier for its inhabitants and brings to mind nice associations.

How to choose the right scented candle for your home?

When deciding to buy, we take into account the composition, i.e. the quality, smell and appearance of the candle.

There are two popular ingredients for scented candles on the market: soy wax and paraffin wax.

What is paraffin?

Paraffin candle is the most popular ingredient used in the production of scented candles.

A paraffin candle is readily available, cheap, but has several environmental hazards.

Paraffin is obtained in the processing of crude oil distillation. The deposited liquid is colorless and oily, which has amazing softening properties used in the cosmetics industry. Paraffin is a harmful substance at the moment of smoking, it releases a number of dangerous chemical compounds that can contribute to health problems in the household. Paraffin is nothing more than a crude oil deposit.

A paraffin candle consists of petroleum deposits with the addition of dyes and flavors, this is how the composition of a paraffin candle looks like. A paraffin candle used in a closed room releases substances that are very dangerous to the human body and can cause health problems.

The only advantage of paraffin candles is their price. A paraffin candle is definitely cheaper than a soy candle.

Soy wax a healthier alternative to a paraffin candle? Soy wax is a natural raw material obtained from soybeans. Ripe soybeans are crushed and then oil is extracted from them, which, after hardening, forms the base of the candle. The soy candle is a natural candle. Plus the soy wax is completely odorless.

When the manufacturer adds a flavor, the candle smells only of it. Therefore, this wax is ideal for creating natural scented candles. Due to the completely natural origin of the wax, burning soybean candles is completely harmless, no hazardous substances escape into the air and it can be smoked both by children and people suffering from allergies. There is one more important advantage that cannot be overlooked. The burning temperature of soybean wax is lower than that of paraffin. A soy candle burns up to twice as long as a paraffin candle!

The only disadvantage of soy candles may be their price, but considering the number of advantages, the price is acceptable.

Candle selection

When choosing between a soy candle or a paraffin candle, it is worth paying attention to your own health.

Health has only one thing. All candles have magic, but choose them responsibly.

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