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A sorbent, neutraliser of animal odours

Cats and dogs are pets loved by all family members. Unfortunately, the presence of pets in the house is associated with an unpleasant smell which they often leave. Are you wondering which methods of removing animal odour are effective and non-invasive at the same time? A chemical animal odour neutraliser is not the only solution. Find out how to easily restore a pleasant scent to your home.

Animal odour removal - home remedies for odour

Breathing in the smell of dog hair, vomit or cat urine is, undoubtedly, not a pleasant experience. How to solve this problem? There are some home methods to apply when it comes to removing pet odours. Remember to vacuum and clean the surface regularly, especially if there is a floor covering or a carpet. It is also a good practice to systematically vacuum and wash the lairs of your beloved furry animals. What else? It is worth remembering about frequent airing of the rooms where pets are usually kept (regardless of the season, also in winter). Such a positive habit will allow you to enjoy the fresh, brisk air, and breathe freely.

What else can remove pet odours? To minimize the unpleasant smell, keep your pet clean every day. A responsible keeper should empty the cat litter tray every day.  Regular grooming (especially during the moulting period), bathing and keeping an appropriate diet of the animal is welcome. It happens that a dog or a cat gives off an unpleasant odour due to improper nutrition (this is a signal that the pet is lacking certain nutrients). How to eliminate the odour nuisance in other ways? A natural animal odour neutraliser can be your ally.

Animal odour removal - a natural neutraliser of dog and cat odours

Many people are reluctant to use a spray neutraliser of cat and dog odour due to its very chemical composition. Fortunately, on the market you can find agents that remove the unpleasant odour that comes out of a cat's litter tray or dog's lair in a natural way. An ideal solution can be, for example, an animal odour sorbent in the form of an aesthetic candle made of 100% natural soy wax, without dyes. The scent of the candle is so intense that it will easily neutralise the odour of urine, vomit, hair or other unpleasant smells, while not irritating your pet's sensitive nose. Significantly, due to its form, unlike spray neutralisers, it does not leave stains or require application wherever an ugly smell fills the air. It is enough to light the wooden wick, and soon the interior of the house or apartment will be enveloped in a pleasant scent of the candle. 

We cordially invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer of our online store. Every pet lover who wants to get rid of the unpleasant smell of a pet, using natural and environmentally friendly solutions, will find something for themselves. We are happy to advise you on choosing the right animal odour neutraliser (not only for dogs and cats, but also for hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs).