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MASCOTA Megapack

Price 199.99 zł

MASCOTA Megapack at a very attractive price!


A unique MASCOTA set that includes:






• PINE FOREST candle


• THAI ORCHID candle


• candle matches


• fabric bag with a MASCOTA logo

Thai Orchid

Price 49.90 zł

Delicate and refreshing fragrance. Our bestseller. A unique blend of the scent of exotic flowers with a top note of pear, apple, peach and bergamot, further mellowed by the scent of rose, violet, lily and chamomile.

Eliminates unpleasant smell, leaving a delicate and fresh scent.

Flower Green Tea

Price 49.90 zł

A carefully selected scent, delicately sweet and gentle at the same time.

A blend of a wonderful aroma of green tea, jasmine, rose, orchid and citrus fruit. Effectively refreshes, leaving a nice, gentle smell in the room.

Pine Forest

Price 49.90 zł

Spicy, sweet and refreshing at the same time. A very intense fragrance with a note of a pine needle leading to a pine forest.

It is effective even when there are more pets in the house. This is our strongest fragrance.

Amber Bamboo

Price 49.90 zł

Natural, subtle fragrance.

Saturated with notes of amber, bamboo, bergamot and wood washed ashore.

A sophisticated fragrance that is perfect for everyday use.

Summer Vibe

Price 49.90 zł

Imagine summer madness ...

Feel the fruity blend of colorful summer fruits.

The smell of lemon, currant, apple, plum, mango, musk and finally a juicy peach

In addition, memories of shared holiday moments spent with your beloved pet.

Mexican Coriander

Price 49.90 zł

A blend of wonderful aromas of lemongrass, Mexican coriander, parsley and menthol crystals.

Let's all move into the world of MASCOTA. You, your friends and your pet

Scented candles neutralising the smell of animals


Scented soy candles neutralising the smell of animals is a solution dedicated to pet keepers who are fed up with the unpleasant smell that fills the air in their homes and apartments. Are you wondering in what situations it is worth lighting candles for dogs and cats? Here are some practical tips and benefits from using candles for pets.


Candles for cats - when to make use of them and what fragrance to choose?

Cat lovers are well aware that beloved furry animals are not only a source of joy, but also a very unpleasant smell. Cat urine and faeces exude an extremely intense, repelling odour. Experiencing severe stress or in the case of health problems, cats sometimes take care of their physiological needs outside the litter tray. How to deal with such a situation? The first step is to make appointment with your vet. It is also worth trying a different type of litter, perhaps the current one does not suit the animal. In addition to caring for the cat, of course, you need to clean the dirty space as fast as possible in order that other household members do not have to feel the discomfort associated with the odour filling the air. For this purpose you can use vinegar with water or a mild detergent. Then it is worth trying to use natural candles for cats that will reduce the bad smell in a safe and non-invasive way. Remember that a pet candle should burn for at least 2 hours; only then will its operation be fully effective.


Scented soy candles neutralising the smell of animals available in our offer contain soy wax, and are placed in an elegant glass container, not plastic packaging. For the sake of the comfort of use, we replaced cotton wicks with wooden ones. These are products that do not harm animals or people in any way, have the NIZP-PZH certificate and are very efficient. Each candle is secured with a cork cover.


The important fact is that our pet candles do not contain:

- paraffins,

- parabens, 


- dyes.


Which candle for cats should I choose? Pine Forest is very popular, with a surprisingly sweet and refreshing fragrance. It gives off a very intense smell that allows your senses to move to a real pine forest.


Candles for dogs - when are they useful? What scented candle shall I choose?


Are you a dog keeper and you are wondering in what situations it is worth using soy scented candles that neutralise the smell of animals? Some dogs have a tendency to pee at home. These types of unpleasant incidents often occur in the case of puppies, senior dogs and pets suffering from digestive diseases. It happens that a dog regurges food due to indigestion, and the smell of its vomit is not pleasant. Sometimes dogs pee at home due to a trauma or the appearance of another, new animal (this is a reaction to stress experienced). Marking their area with urine occurs quite frequently in the case of uncastrated males.


If you value natural solutions, remove animal waste with a vinegar-based water solution or an eco-friendly cleaner. Then reach for easy-to-use and natural candles for dogs. After about 2 hours of burning the candle, you will forget about the unpleasant smell. Which product to choose? We recommend the Flower Green Tea dog candle to enthusiasts of mild fragrances, since it envelops you with a delicate scent of green tea, orchid, rose, citrus fruit and jasmine. Due to its neutral appearance, it fits into any interior.


We cordially invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer of our online store. The assortment includes natural candles for animals, with many beautiful fragrances.