How to get rid of bad dog smell?

How to get rid of bad dog smell?

Why does pet hair stink?

The coat stinks when your dog gets wet while walking. Of course, the mixture of mud and water is not the only cause of the unpleasant smell of your pet's hair. Another reason is the abnormal functioning of the sebaceous glands that cover the animal's skin. The overproduction of sebum (greasy secretion) makes the dog stink, so to speak. This phenomenon may intensify in winter, when the heating season prevails (in a strongly heated room, the secretion is even more noticeable). The stench of the hair may also be the animal's reaction to severe stress which it experiences, for example, due to behavioural problems or the appearance of another dog or cat at home.  

Animal hair can also give off an unpleasant odour when we improperly feed our pet. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins may result in an unpleasant smell of your pet. In many cases, the stench is related to a dog which wallowed in animal faeces or carcass while walking. This way, the pet masks its own smell (this is an inherent habit), which makes it easier for it to "hunt".


Sometimes the unpleasant smell of a dog is also indicative of medical conditions. If, in addition to a bad smell, your pet is lethargic, has no appetite, or its behaviour is different than usually, it is worth prompt seeing a veterinarian, who will make the correct diagnosis.


How to remove bad dog odour?

How to get rid of the intense smell of dog hair? It is certainly worth bathing your dog with a shampoo dedicated to animals, and washing its lair and blankets. It is also advisable to consider the pet's diet. The change of feed may be a good option (preferably following the consultation with a veterinarian). What else to do to be able to breathe freely again in home interiors?

The simplest solution may be dog candles made of 100% natural soy wax. These are safe and certified products (NIPH-NIH) that do not affect the health of animals or household members. They start working within about 2 hours after lighting the wooden wick, and the sparkling flame provides additional listening experiences. Unlike aerosol products, dog candles do not leave any stains. No parabens, phthalates, dyes or other chemicals. They neutralise not only the unpleasant smell of hair, but also urine, vomit or other secretions, leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness inside. The elegant, simple glass packaging makes them a perfect gift for every dog lover.


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